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Intra cranial Angioplasty

Intra cranial Angioplasty : A unique case report

Mr Shiv Charan 63 y retiree had a particularly bad year: He was already a diabetic and had suffered a paralytic stroke in Apr ,resulting in complete weakness of the right half of his body. He had undergone angiography of his neck and brain vessels, and this had shown that one of the two major vessels supplying the brain was 100% blocked and the other had a 75% block in the neck. This was a very dangerous situation and could have caused another major attack leading to his death. He successfully underwent angioplasty of the 75% blocked vessel as a preventive measure and his family felt reassured that now the worst was over

To their horror within a month Mr Shiv Charan had another very serious episode wherein he became drowsy, semiconscious and had slurred speech, from which he slowly recovered in a day or two. Doctors feared that he would soon have another, fatal attack as this was an ominous warning sign. The cause was pinpointed to another critical block in his vessel deep in the brain, a highly risky situation. The only hope was to try to remove the block by carrying out Intracranial angioplasty, a rare and risky procedure that had hardly been done anywhere in the country

A team of doctors led by Dr Neeraj Bhalla carried out this delicate procedure successfully and implanted a stent in Mr Shiv Charan. He made a successful recovery and has remained quite stable since then.

Blockages in the intracranial part of the vessels account for about 10% of strokes( paralytic attacks). The initial attempt is to try to stabilize them with medicines but if this fails, these individuals are at the highest risk of getting a major stroke. Intervention in the form of angioplasty has been attempted in these patients and some special stent/ delivery systems have been developed. Drug coated stents have also a role to play in this group of patients probably.